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Haircut services  -  $37 - $55

Customized haircut based on desired results, lifestyle & hair type. Haircut includes an Aveda stress relieving ritual, shampoo ritual and an educational styling session.

Waxing  -  $15 - $65

We offer a variety of facial waxing and body waxing. Each service is customized to your specific skin type & hair type.

Brow tinting  -  $15

Brow tinting is an ideal service for guests that are looking for more defined, fuller brows. Color will be customized based on desired results, skin tone & hair color. Tinting lasts 3-6 weeks.


All color services require an in-person complimentary consultation.

Color services include an Aveda stress relieving ritual, hand massage, shampoo ritual & styling


Color Retouches  -  $80 & up

Retouches are designed for a retouch of outgrowth up to an inch. Pricing varies depending on amount used.

All Over Colors  -  $80 & up

All over colors are designed to be applied from scalp to ends. Pricing varies depending on amount used.


Dimensional Color  -  $90 & up

A dimensional color service is designed to create a contrast between lighter & darker colors. This can be done in various ways, utilizing different techniques. This is a perfect way to enhance an existing color & haircut!

Lightening Service  -  $90 & up

A lightening service is for those who are looking to go lighter, or to maintain lightness. This can be done using several different techniques based on your existing color & goals.

Color Balancing Service  -  $70 & up

Color balancing is designed to change the tone of your hair. It’s perfect for people that are already blonde and are looking to revitalize their existing color, or for those that are just looking to create a subtle change.

Color Changes & Vibrant Color Services  -  $80 per hour

These services are perfect for those looking to have an overhaul or to have vibrant hair colors. This service is extremely customized and may require more than one session. Pricing based on goals and time required.

Botanical Repair treatment  -  $25 / $65

A Botanical Repair treatment is a plant powered bond-building treatment formulated for all hair types to create stronger, shinier, healthier hair. This 3-step system can be added on to any hair service or done as an individual treatment.

Nutriplenish Moisture Treatment  -  $25 / $65

Nutriplenish infuses hair with nutrient-powered hydration for more lush, visibly healthy hair. This can be added on to any other hair service or as an individual treatment.


Hand tied extensions require an in-person consultation & down payment prior to installation.


Consultation & Down Payment  -  $50 / $500

During consultation we will discuss desired results, cost, & maintenance. The down payment is due when scheduling appointment and will go towards final cost.  

Installations & move ups

Extension installations & move ups are based on number of rows that are being installed. Coloring wefts or hair are an additional charge Move ups are every 4-8 weeks.


Our Team

We hire inspired people with a passion for service. That’s it. And we are happy to admit that we over-educate them. Want an answer? We’ll find it. Looking for a new point of view? It’s yours.

Our goal is to simplify your life, do the best we can possibly do, and assure you that you’ve made the right choice. Every time you walk through our door.

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